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Building Security

All exterior doors are alarmed to prevent unauthorized entry or exit for the security of our residents. Entrances to St. Joseph’s Manor are keypad access. In an emergency, staff will provide direction to use alternate exits.

Safety Devices

It is our belief that residents have the right to self-determining. Risks are part of life, and as such, we would prefer an individual to move about independently and encounter a reasonable amount of risk rather than to be restrained in any manner and be totally dependent. Safety devices such as seat belts are used for resident’s safety following a comprehensive assessment of need. Restraints, if used at all, are only utilized as a last resort and are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their safety and necessity.


All residents are required to wear an identification name tag.

Nurse-Call System

The Versus Information System is the electronic nurse-call system used at St. Joseph’s Manor. All residents and staff wear a badge at all times, which is pressed to cal for assistance. The call will cause a vibration to the pagers worn by the staff and a message will appear on the pager. This message identifies the resident and the location of the call. A message will also show on the computer located at the Nurses Contact area, with an accompanying sound to alert the staff.


We request that visitors do not enter the Home if they are suffering from the flu, a cold or any other communicable illness. Our frail residents are very susceptible to illness and an illness may compromise their condition even further.

It is also very important that all visitors read and adhere to the notices posted at the main entrance to the Home or at the residents’ bedroom doors. These notices are to advise of any illnesses that residents may be experiencing and special instructions that need to be followed during visitation.

Hand washing is proven to be the single most effective infection control measure to prevent the spread of infection. Hand sanitizer is provided inside the front door to enable everyone to wash their hands on entering the Home and again before leaving the building. As well, it is important that if visiting more than one resident, that you wash your hands with soap and water or by using hand sanitizer between resident contact and at other times as appropriate.

Residents who feel unwell are asked to inform the nurse immediately.

The operation of a humidifier/vaporizer, either hot or cool mist, is not generally permitted.

Pets are not permitted in the dining rooms immediately before or during the service of meals or snacks.

 What else can I do to prevent infections?

Immunization is important for all seniors.  It is especially important for individuals who are frequent visitors in a long-term care facility.

 It is recommended that seniors receive:

          - A single dose of tetanus and diphtheria booster every 10 years;
          - Pneumococcal vaccine at the age of 65 or over.
          - A flu shot for influenza every autumn.

 The influenza vaccine is the single most effective way of preventing the flu. Please check with your family doctor.

St. Joseph's Manor is equipped with many features designed to provide for maximum protection in the event of fire. It is divided into zones protected by fire doors, which close automatically in the event of a fire. Heat, smoke detectors and sprinklers are located throughout the building. Monthly fire drills are conducted to ensure that staff and residents are familiar with fire emergency procedures.

If you discover a fire:

  • Leave the fire area and close the door to the area
  • Pull handle down at nearest pull station
  • Notify staff
  • Follow instructions from staff

If alarm sounds:

  • Remain calm
  • Remain in room or lounge (if clear of fire)
  • Prepare for evacuation
  • Follow instructions from staff (i.e. which exit to use)

The building is equipped with a video camera security system and electronic door locks.

Several staff committees oversee the safe operation of the facility.

All electrical equipment will be checked by the maintenance department to ensure that it meets safety standards.

No cooking or refrigeration appliances are permitted in resident rooms.

St. Joseph's Manor is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for both residents and staff. Please do not use scented personal care products, perfumes or aftershave. Others may have severe allergies to scented products.

No latex (rubber) balloons are allowed at St. Joseph's Manor in order to prevent allergic reactions.

If wandering is identified as risk behaviour, either in the pre­-admission assessment, the 24­hour assessment or the care plan process then the care plan will direct the staff on strategies to be implemented. A security system on exit doors exists. The Versus pendant (call system) that the resident wears will sound an alarm if the wandering resident attempts to leave the front door. If the alarm should sound the staff have been instructed to respond accordingly.

Staff are trained so that all residents may be taken off the unit or outside without the alarm sounding. Residents who may exit independently do have the freedom of movement.

Under the SMOKE FREE ONTARIO ACT, Ontario Regulation – 48/06, smoking is no longer permitted anywhere on SJGHEL property. The only designated smoking area, for the residents, is the wheelchair accessible outside designated area near the property edge. Smoking aprons are encouraged to be worn. Residents must be able to smoke unassisted and safely. Each resident must store their smoking equipment safely.

The Tobacco Control Act prohibits individuals to smoke at any entrance to the building. Residents who smoke in non­-designated areas or otherwise smoke unsafely will receive a letter addressing the violation and the consequences of continuing unsafe smoking practices. Smoking privileges will be restricted. Smoking materials will be confiscated and kept at the nursing station. Continued unsafe smoking practices that put the individual at risk, as well as the other residents, will result in the resident being asked to make alternate living arrangements and to leave St. Joseph's Manor.

Articles of significant value, either monetary or sentimental, should not be brought to St. Joseph's Manor. Large amounts of money should be deposited for safekeeping at the Administrative office or ask the Registered staff to lock it up . Money should not be kept in resident rooms. The Manor does not assume responsibility for missing articles.

All personal items including dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aides, electric razors must be marked with your name on admission and when new items are obtained. The serial number of equipment should be submitted to be noted on your file.

Concerns about missing items need to be identified as soon as possible to the Registered staff on duty so that staff may assist in tracing the whereabouts.

Responsible Visiting




Remember hand washing is the most effective way to stop the spread of infection!! Thank you for your cooperation to ensure our residents stay healthy and safe.