Building Security

All exterior doors are alarmed to prevent unauthorized entry or exit for the security of our residents. Entrances to St. Joseph’s Manor are keypad access. In an emergency, staff will provide direction to use alternate exits.

Safety Devices

It is our belief that residents have the right to self-determining. Risks are part of life, and as such, we would prefer an individual to move about independently and encounter a reasonable amount of risk rather than to be restrained in any manner and be totally dependent. Safety devices such as seat belts are used for resident’s safety following a comprehensive assessment of need. Restraints, if used at all, are only utilized as a last resort and are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their safety and necessity.


All residents are required to wear an identification name tag.

Nurse-Call System

The Versus Information System is the electronic nurse-call system used at St. Joseph’s Manor. All residents and staff wear a badge at all times, which is pressed to cal for assistance. The call will cause a vibration to the pagers worn by the staff and a message will appear on the pager. This message identifies the resident and the location of the call. A message will also show on the computer located at the Nurses Contact area, with an accompanying sound to alert the staff.