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St. Joseph's General Hospital’s visiting policy ensures the well being of our patients. 

Please see main page for visitor policy during COVID pandemic.

It helps to minimize the risk of infectious diseases coming into the facility from the community, particularly the flu, coughs and colds, and assists in maintaining a confidential environment.

  • No more than 2 persons may visit any one patient at any given time.  No more than 2 persons for the patient should enter the hospital at any given time EXCEPT palliative and critical care patients.
  • No one with new symptoms of respiratory infection, including cough, shortness of breath or fever shall visit patients in the St. Joseph's General Hospital.  Anyone doing so will be asked to leave.
  • No child under 14 years may visit unless they are visiting their immediate family (parents, grandparents, and siblings) and are closely supervised by an adult.  The child is included in one of the two visitors maximum.
  • Visitors shall use water-less hand antiseptic upon entering and leaving the building.  Dispensers are St. Joseph's General Hospital entrances and at the elevators.
  • Visitors are asked to be as quiet as possible in rooms and corridors.  Visitors to patients who are on isolation are required to follow Isolation Procedures.  Ask the nurse for instructions before entering the patient’s room.