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We encourage residents to go on outings with family and friends.  Please notify staff prior to the resident leaving and upon the resident’s return.  

There is a sign-in and sign-out procedure in place.

Leaves of absence policies are governed by provincial legislation.  The policies are summarized as:

Casual Leave

Casual Leaves of Absence of up to forty ­eight (48) hours per week are available to residents in long ­term care facilities. Casual Leaves are permitted throughout the year regardless of vacation or other medical leaves taken. Casual Leaves are considered separate from medical and vacation leaves. Consent for casual leaves are obtained on admission as part of the Admission Agreement.

Medical Leave

A resident’s condition may change requiring assessment or treatment in a hospital. If this occurs, a Medical Leave of Absence in a hospital for up to twenty­one (21) days is available to the resident. (Use of Medical Leave does not reduce the resident’s available casual or vacation leave days.) Authorization by the resident’s physician is required for all Medical Leaves. If a resident is not well enough to return to St. Joseph's Manor after the twenty­one (21) days, the resident or his/her next ­of ­kin will have to authorize payment for holding the bed (at the full rate) or else accept discharge.

Psychiatric Leave

A Psychiatric Leave in a hospital for up to forty ­five (45) days at a time is available to residents for the purpose of assessment, treatment and stabilization of a resident’s psychiatric status. The use of psychiatric leave days does not reduce a resident’s available casual or vacation leave days.

If the resident’s condition or care needs require absence from the home beyond the available leave and bed holding is not authorized, the resident must be discharged.

Bed Holding

Residents may hold a bed for a maximum of thirty (30) days in addition to the specific medical or psychiatric leave days available. The resident or his/her Power of Attorney assumes responsibility for the full per diem cost (resident rate plus Ministry funding) and any other charges and services previously authorized, such as preferred accommodation for the length of time the bed is held. A signed agreement is needed to authorize this arrangement.

Vacation Leave

A Vacation Leave of Absence of up to twenty­one (21) days a year is available to residents of long­term care facilities.

For residents who enter the home during the calendar year, the available vacation days are calculated as follows:

  • Three (3) days vacation leave following the first full calendar month of admission
  • One and a half (11⁄2) days vacation leave for each of the next ten calendar months, following the first full calendar month of admission.
  • Three (3) days vacation leave following the 12th full calendar month of admission

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Remember hand washing is the most effective way to stop the spread of infection!! Thank you for your cooperation to ensure our residents stay healthy and safe.