Individuals booked for this group will examine the core topics covered in the Family Program with sensitivities toward the needs of the recovering/relapsing addict or alcoholic.

Topics covered in this program include: Triggers to Relapse, Identifying High Risk Situations, Unhealthy Behaviors, Coping Mechanisms, Anger Management In Sobriety, Use of Leisure Time in Sobriety, Understanding the Relapse Process.

The Stage 2 Family Program is a 12- day residential program for men and women ages 18 years and up who:

  • Have previously completed a residential drug and alcohol program and are struggling to maintain a contented lifestyle.
  • Have had a minimum of 2 months clean and sober (consecutively).
  • Are able to arrive for treatment clean and sober, 1 month off all substances (alcohol, drugs and non-approved prescription medications)
  • Have been able to achieve lengthy sobriety through 12 Step involvement, counseling or own efforts, but who are requiring additional knowledge and assistance with enhancing their recovery.