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Information about electronics devices and communication at St. Joseph's General Hospital.

Television Rentals

Television rentals are provided by the Hospital.  A staff member doing daily TV rounds will provide you with rental rates.  This occurs in the late afternoon.


Pay phones are located at the main entrance, and near the elevators on the main floor of the hospital.

A telephone is located beside each patient’s bedside with the exception of the Intensive care Unit.  Dial “8” for an outside call.

All long distance calls must be charged to your calling card or third party billing.  Dial “0” and the switchboard operator will assist you with your long distance call.


Incoming mail is delivered by the Hospital Volunteers to the Patient Care Units.  Outgoing mail may be deposited in the Canada Post mail box located outside the main entrance.  Postage can be purchased from Switchboard.


To ensure clear communication between patients, family, and staff, the Switchboard maintains a list of personnel and volunteers who are able to provide interpreter services.