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St. Joseph's General Hospital Elliot Lake


Viewing Media on the SJGHEL Website

The material contained in videos on the SJGHEL website is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Please be advised that users are cautioned as some videos may contain explicit scenes and/or graphic images that may be inappropriate for certain audiences. By accessing the video, you acknowledge and fully understand that it is for informational and educational purposes only.

The views and opinions of authors expressed in the video do not necessarily state or reflect those of SJGHEL and they may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. SJGHEL does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes or services.

Specific medical advice will not be provided. SJGHEL urges you to consult with a qualified physician for consultation, diagnosis and/or treatment plans with respect to your medical condition(s). It is not the intention of SJGHEL to provide specific medical advice through our website, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health and their diagnosed disorders.

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Any websites linked from the SJGHEL website are created by organizations outside St. Joseph’s General Hospital Elliot Lake. Those organizations are responsible for the information contained within their sites. SJGHEL does not recommend and does not endorse the content on any third-party websites. SJGHEL is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites or third-party advertisements and does not make any representations regarding their content or accuracy. Your use of third-party websites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such sites. Any specific comments regarding these sites should be directed to that individual organization.

General Information

Our failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others of these Terms and Conditions of Use does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. These Terms and Conditions of Use set forth the entire understanding and agreement between us and any site user with respect to the site, its uses and services.

Unless as expressly provided in a particular “legal notice” on the site, these Terms and Conditions and the SJGHEL Disclaimer constitute the entire agreement between you and SJGHEL with respect to the use of the SJGHEL website. 

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