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Sharing a Compliment or a Concern

Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that you attempt to share your experience with a member of your healthcare team first, and if this doesn’t bring about resolution request to speak to the Manager of the unit. If these steps do not bring about resolution, then we encourage you to contact SJGHEL’s Patient Relations Team, as per the information provided above.

At every stage in your healthcare journey at SJGHEL, including voicing your concerns or providing suggestions to improve the patient experience, you can expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and courtesy. When communicating with a member of our Patient Relations Team you can speak openly and freely about your concerns and tell your story from your perspective.

Yes. However, a direct conversation with the patient will need to occur after-the-fact, or the patient’s Substitute Decision-Maker or POA (if applicable) will need to be contacted.

It is understandable and natural to feel this way. SJGHEL promotes a “just culture” which encourages transparency and facilitates patient safety and quality improvement. “Just culture” means our Hospital is a blame-free environment where individuals can report errors without fear of reprimand or punishment.

Our Hospital views feedback as an opportunity to improve the care and experience we provide to our patients and their family members/loved ones.


Please be aware that verbal and/or physical abuse of our staff will not be tolerated. If any of our staff are assaulted, SJGHEL will work with local police services regarding the investigation of any complaint, which may lead to charges and prosecution.

Yes! If you have stayed at our Hospital as an Inpatient, our Medical Records Department will mail you a printed Patient Experience Survey for completion, including a pre-paid envelope for easy return to the Hospital.

If you are visiting our Hospital as an Outpatient (i.e., attending Emergency Department, X-ray, Lab, Chemotherapy, Specialists Clinic, etc.) you can also request a paper copy of the Patient Experience Survey from Switchboard.

The Patient Experience Survey is also available to complete online.

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