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St. Joseph's Manor aerial view

Resident Resources, Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

A resident can keep his/her family physician only if the physician agrees to continue the care and has applied for privileges and signs a Physician Agreement with our long-term care home.

We strive to have all services delivered onsite. Through our community and medical clinics, we provide services such as, audiology, specialized footcare, laboratory services, occupational therapy, and oxygen therapy.

The St. Joseph's General Hospital business office will send you an invoice on a monthly basis. You have several options for the way in which you pay. Many residents choose to have their accommodation fees directly debited from their bank. If you would like to pay your invoice in person, the SJGHEL Business office is located at the Hospital site. If you have further question, you may call 705-848-7182 x 2422

No. Long-Term Care fees are daily in nature and do not require a first and last month's rental deposit. At the end of your tenancy, we will prorate your last month invoice to reflect only the days you occupied the home.

We work together with residents and families upon admission and as required to organize prompt assessment of the resident's unique mobility needs and device requirements. The resident or their attorney may choose to rent or to purchase and application the Assistive Devices Program as able to obtain mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs. If the path is for personal equipment purchase, we will send a referral to the Occupational Therapist and Vendor of Choice; together they will facilitate the order of custom equipment. We put much emphasis on this process as it creates the safest approach to your or your loved ones mobility needs and allows for better quality of life, comfort and safety of the resident and care partners.

Yes! When couples move to St. Joseph's Manor, we do our best to find a shared accommodation room for them to live together.

No. We welcome people of all faiths, all beliefs, and all backgrounds. While we were founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Joseph's Manor is an open and inviting home for all members of the community who are in need of compassionate long-term care.

Yes! We offer services for many faiths.

Absolutely, Residents are welcome to bring their computers. Please talk with your Favourite Internet Service Provider to arrange for internet access for your loved one.

Yes, to an extent. Each resident room has incoming and local telephone calling capabilities, you simply need to connect a telephone. If you would like long distant calling capabilities, please speak to any of our administrative staff. Charges for long distance telephone service will be added to your monthly invoice.

Yes, to an extent. You are welcome to bring a television up to 48 inches that can be safely placed on a dresser or television stand within their room. Please talk to your Cable Television Service Provider to arrange for television access to your loved one. Wall-mounted televisions and satellite television services are not permitted in resident rooms.

Yes! Our residents are able to go home with family for overnight visits. Ministry of Long-Term Care standards allow residents to spend two overnight casual days away each week.  For safety reasons, we must ask you to please notify staff before taking your loved one off of the St. Joseph's Manor property, even for a coffee, a walk or shopping.

We have a charge nurse on duty 24 hours/day, 7 days per week that will be able to provide you with information. Depending on the nature of your call, you may also wish to speak to our Director of Care.