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St. Joseph's Manor aerial view

Coming to
St. Joseph’s Manor

What to Bring

We recommend you bring approximately two weeks’ worth of suitable clothing including:

  • comfortable trousers or slacks
  • shirts
  • sweaters & vests
  • undergarments
  • socks
  • nightclothes
  • sturdy, supportive, and non-slip footwear is recommended for day use (e.g. running sneakers, non-slip loafers)
  • non-slip shoe-style slippers for night use (i.e. flip-flop style slippers, or soft soles are not recommended for safety purposes; residents with mobility challenges which restricts them to a wheelchair, may find plush socks with non-slip grips more suitable).

Your health condition may require you or your loved one to use adaptive clothing; adaptive clothing is considered personal clothing and should be supplied as part of your wardrobe.

We encourage you or your loved one to review your closets regularly to ensure you have enough seasonally appropriate clothing, which is in good repair and of a suitable fit, for your Activities of Daily Living, safety, and quality of life.

The following items pose a privacy, safety and/or fire hazard and are not allowed at St. Joseph’s Manor:

  • electric kettles/Keurig
  • heating pads (neither electrical pads or microwave bean bags)
  • hot water bottles
  • room or space heaters
  • extension cords
  • humidifiers
  • dehumidifiers
  • drapes/curtains
  • refrigerators of any size
  • area rugs of any size
  • irons and ironing boards
  • household cleaning supplies
  • liquor or alcohol
  • over the counter medication(s) or illicit drugs
  • weapons
  • surveillance devices in the areas where personal care could be provided
  • electric scooters

If there is an item that you would like to bring, but are unsure about, please speak with our Administrator or Director of Care. 

Leaves of Absence 

Leaves of absence are encouraged as they allow residents to maintain their connection with family, friends, and community or to obtain support at acute care/medical facility. It is important that you inform staff if you are planning a casual or vacation leave, even if you will be off the property for a short time. This helps us to ensure you have what you need for your absence, and also logs your whereabouts in the event of an emergency within the facility. You or you loved one will be asked to enter information about your outing in the Resident Leave of Absence Registry located at the Nursing Station on your home unit. 

Under the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021, any resident of a Long-Term Care home may take the following leaves of absence without losing his/her bed:

  • 30 days medical leave, when hospital care is required;
  • 60 days psychiatric care leave, as often as required;
  • 21 days of vacation per calendar year;
  • causal leave between midnight on a Saturday and midnight on the following Saturday, totalling 48 hours per week
  • Residents are obligated to pay for accommodation charges, during all leaves of absence.  Discharge of a resident is based on Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requirements. 


St. Joseph’s Manor welcomes and encourages visits from the family and friends of our residents.  Community visitors are welcome at any time, and we have both private and ‘quiet’ spaces to make such visits more enjoyable.  Other areas where residents and their visitors may wish to enjoy time include: the first-floor courtyard, the first-floor chapel, the second-floor covered patio, and the front patio and gazebo (located outside the main entrance).   

Under normal circumstances, there are no set visiting hours at St. Joseph’s Manor and we encourage families and friends to visit at times that are suitable to the resident. If the home is placed in a disease outbreak status, visitors will be limited to Essential Care Partners, for the duration of the outbreak.

We offer a secured entry to protect the vulnerable residents that call St. Joseph’s Manor home.  Visitors are required to use our intercom system to alert staff of their presence.  Once alerted, a staff member will screen you and other visitors prior to entry.

Nurse with patient on tablet

Ways Family and Friends Can Make their Visit Meaningful

Many people ask us how they can continue to support and provide care for a family member or friend who has moved to our facility.  Participating in activities together can be very meaningful and support a continued, deeply personal, connection with your loved one.

Family members and friends may wish to:

  • Assist your loved one with the care you have previously supported them with; your company and assistance make your loved one’s experience at St. Joseph’s Manor more personal and home-like
  • Watch a favourite television program or read aloud
  • Provide a gentle message; provide nail care or hair care
  • Go on a walk or spin around St. Joseph’s Manor and discuss interesting items such as flowers, paintings, or enjoy one of our Montessori activities along the way
  • Speak to your loved one about events they may have attended such as ‘pub nights’, crafts, concerts, or other special events listed on the Recreational calendar.  This calendar is updated monthly and is posted in the resident’s room, our family information boards, and upon request
  • Escort them to appointments to provide comfort and support
  • Visit with a family pet.  Please ensure pets are vaccinated and leashed and that you follow St. Joseph’s Manor Pet Visiting Policy for the safety and comfort of all residents.
  • Support and attend Family Council. Your voice and experience will help the Manor make improvements, which will, in turn, help all our residents

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