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Smoking Policy

As per SJGHEL’s “Smoking” policy (ADM I-q-30)

In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the City of Elliot Lake’s Smoking By-Law 35-04, all facilities owned or operated by the Corporation shall be “smoke-free” environments. The Corporation also prohibits smoking on any land owned or operated by the Corporation.

To assist the Corporation with its efforts to eliminate tobacco smoking on its properties the Corporation shall:

  1. not sell or permit the sale of tobacco products on its properties,
  2. inform patients, visitors, and staff that tobacco smoking is not permitted in any of its facilities or on any of its properties, and
  3. remove tobacco products, matches, and lighters from confused, psychiatric, sedated, and bedridden patients, to reduce the risk of fire.
No Smoking

No Smoking Areas

Quit smoking

Smoking Cessation Support

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health and treatment. 

In-patients are interested in accessing smoking cessation while in our Hospital – please talk to a member of your health care team about your options for quitting smoking and support. 

Pursuant to Elliot Lake By-Law No. 19-08

  • (2.1) “no person shall smoke in any workplace within the Minicipality whether or not a ‘No Smoking’ sign is posted” and
  • (3.1) “No person shall smoke within a nine (9) metre radius of any entranceway or exit to any public place within the Municipality whether or not a ‘No Smoking’ sign is posted”.  SJGHEL complies with all No Smoking By-Law’s implemented by the City of Elliot Lake 

All staff, patients and visitors are expected to comply with the appropriate policies and legislation. 

If you are experiencing difficulty in quitting smoking or would like to learn more about programs and services in the community please visit our Smoking Cessation page.