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St. Joseph's Manor aerial view

Life at
St. Joseph's Manor

Care Conferences

After a few weeks of settling into St. Joseph's Manor, our multi-disciplinary team schedules a care conference to review how your or your loved one's stay has been, including a review of care needs and preferences.  

The care conference includes members of the multi-disciplinary care team.  You and your family have the opportunity to participate in all care conferences. The purpose of the care conference is to share information about a resident's progress and to answer any questions that they may have about our service. We are here to support your and your loved one's wishes and will make every effort to adjust the plan of care to meet individual personal health goals.

We pride ourselves on having an open door approach to hearing how we can improve the services we provide. Residents and their loved ones can bring any concerns immediately to the Nursing Staff or Director of Care, as they occur, rather than waiting for a care conference.  Bringing urgent concerns forward in a way that is more timely helps St. Joseph's Manor staff resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Advanced Care Planning

On admission to long-term care, St. Joseph's Manor asks all residents their wishes in the event of an emergency. These expressed wishes are reviewed annually, as well as whenever there is an acute change in a resident's condition. In the event of an emergency or sudden change in a resident's condition, the family will be notified by Registered Staff in consultation with the Medical Director/Most Responsible Physician/Nurse Practitioner to discuss treatment options and goals, as well as the plan of care.

As a part of advanced care planning, St. Joseph's Manor recommends residents have a current Last Will and Testament and funeral pre-arrangement upon admission to the home. This allows for a clear understanding of your wishes, and a named Executor to represent you once your Power of Attorney representative's duties come to an end.  

Services & Programs

When your care provider calls you to confirm your appointment, they will provide you with an arrival time. Please come to the Hospital at least 30 minutes prior to this arrival time.

Our staff provide appropriate mobility, group and/or individual physical therapy and restorative care programs to promote improvement and maintain each resident's level of independence. Individual assessments will help our staff determine whether safety, mobility or independence could be improved with the use of assistive devices.

Resident Council regularly reviews and approves changes to the menu. Once a year, our team completes a thorough review of the menu to make sure menu options keep up with changing tastes and the latest research about nutrition.

St. Joseph's Manor offers resident's formal and informal recreation, leisure, and social activities. Staff provide support to continue past and current leisure interests and may even introduce you or your loved one to new pursuits. Therapeutic Recreational Staff will work with you or your loved one to develop a plan that will be meaningful and enjoyable. Calendars of scheduled activities and programs are posted each month and activities and programs are available throughout the organization. (Note: There may be additional costs for some programs and your involvement in these activities are at your discretion).

Our Spiritual and Religious Care staff are available to offer a caring presence when you need emotional or spiritual support. Our Spiritual and Religious Care staff value and respect the faith, beliefs, religious practices, and cultures of all our residents. We encourage and support residents to maintain connections with their faith communities. 

St. Joseph's Manor holds Roman Catholic Mass and Christian Services regularly. Seasonal celebrations are held throughout the year and memorial services are held in the Spring. Please speak to one of our Spiritual and Religious Care staff members if you would like to participate in any other religious or faith services not regularly held at the home.  

St. Joseph's Manor has a beautiful Chapel for solitude, prayers, and reflection located on the first floor that is open for you and your family to use.

St. Joseph's Manor has a variety of wellness programs to support the enhancement of quality of life and the reduction of illness and injury. Our multidisciplinary team supports core programs such as Falls Prevention and Management, Skin and Wound Care, Pain and Symptom Management, Continence Care and Responsive Behaviour Supports. Resident's health status and care needs are holistically assessed at minimum every 3 months and as required in support of wellbeing and safety.

At St. Joseph's Manor, we strive to enhance quality of life for residents who are experiencing progressive and life limiting chronic or terminal illness. We care for both the resident and their families with respect and compassion, encouraging them to participate in making decisions regarding both their physical, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Our palliative care program permits St. Joseph's Manor to continue providing care in our Home for residents who are nearing the end of their life.  Residents can receive care in a familiar environment with familiar staff. The palliative care team is comprised of clinical/nursing and personal care staff, physicians, spiritual care professionals, social workers, recreation therapists, and nutrition and food services team members.  Our goal is to initiate conversations regarding goals of care throughout your journey and at end of life promoting comfort measures for the resident in their home.

Our Environmental Services Team is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. Resident rooms are cleaned regularly, as well as all other community spaces within the home. We ask family and friends to assist us to maintain a clean and safe environment, by helping to keep the resident's room tidy and uncluttered.

Upon admission, St. Joseph's General Hospital Laundry Services will take the resident's clothing and label all items. Personal laundry can be done onsite by the laundry services staff, or the family may prefer to take the resident's laundry home to wash. Please remember that the laundry service uses commercial grade detergents and very high temperatures while washing to facilitate sanitization.  It is recommended that you purchase clothing a size larger to accommodate shrinkage, and avoid delicate fabrics (wool, suede, lace, and leather clothing items are not recommended).

Due to limited storage space, it is recommended that families provide the storage of "off-season" clothing. We also rely on families to take away clothing that is no longer being used by the resident and to replenish with new clothing, as necessary. The Care Staff Team may inform you of any clothing needs and whether or not clothing needs to be replaced, mended, or altered.

Our facility is maintained by the Maintenance and Facilities staff at St. Joseph's General Hospital. This staff is available to St. Joseph's Manor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and regularly attends during daily working hours to keep our facility in working order. If you have any maintenance concern, or need assistance hanging pictures or wall fixtures within your room, please alert a Care Staff Team member, and we will coordinate with our Maintenance Team partners to assist.

The Maintenance and Facilities Team also maintain the environmental systems at St. Joseph's Manor, including heating, HVAC, and air conditioning. Regular testing of our back up generator is performed by this team, as well as hot water systems, and air temperature and quality.

St. Joseph's Manor