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St. Joseph's General Hospital Elliot Lake

Senior Friendly

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sfCare Senior Friendly Care, Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto

The Senior Friendly Care Framework

The goal of senior friendly care is to achieve the best possible health outcomes for older adults. The sfCare Framework provides the foundation for achieving this goal through guiding principles and defining statements which are intended to foster improvements in care across the system and inspire greater collaboration between older adults and their caregivers, care providers, and organizations.

  1. Supporting resilience, independence, and quality of life
  2. Compassion and respect
  3. Informed and empowered older persons and families
  4. Person- and relationship-­centred partnerships
  5. Safety and security
  6. Timely, equitable, and affordable
  7. Evidence-informed

  1. Organizational Support
  2. Processes of Care
  3. Emotional & Behaviour Environment
  4. Ethics in Clinical Care and Research
  5. Physical Environment

The framework was built around 7 guiding principles and 31 defining statements within 5 key areas. These five interlinked components/domains result in better outcomes for older adults when all components are considered together. The framework can be used as a blueprint to guide organization-wide improvements to services for seniors.

Our leadership is committed to deliver an optimal experience for seniors as an organizational priority, in our processes of care, and in our emotional/behavioural/physical environment.