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A message from Lee Buck, President of the Auxiliary

Purpose of the Hospital Auxiliary:

  • To raise funds for any expenditure for capital equipment as recommended by the Administrator. 
  • To facilitate good public relations between the hospital and the community. 
  • To encourage and sustain among members an interest in medically related fields. 

The Auxiliary began in 1958 prior to the St. Joseph’s General Hospital being built. The first meeting was held in the Central Ave. Public School with many women that were interested in getting the Hospital up and running. At the time, there was a sewing committee that produce various articles of clothing including hospital gowns. We have had many presidents and executive members of the course of our history but only one treasurer. Isn’t that amazing?

Our Auxiliary was for many years involved with the provincial Auxiliaries until just recently when it was disbanded. A few years ago our Auxiliary hosted a conference at the Laurentian Lodge which was well received by all members of the larger organization.

Over the years the Auxiliary’s purpose has changed except for one item – to raise funds for any capital equipment that the Administrator has listed. There are two ways that funds are raised – through the gift shop and through various events. One of the more popular events in the Cranberry Scones and Tea which is usually held in December with the hospital doctors and administrators serving. There are several dinners held at various times of the year including the Olde Fashioned Turkey Dinner and the Italian dinner. In addition, there is a Tag Day in May where one particular piece of equipment is selected for fundraising on that day. We’ve also had licensed draws including 50/50 and meat packages. Every little bit helps. Our costs are kept low as our members volunteer to supply either food items or their time to assist in any event.  

The main fundraiser is our gift shop. Since the shop has opened there have been many volunteers that have given their time to serve. Up to the closure of the gift shop during the pandemic, a highly skilled team of B. Farquhar, M. Johnstone, D. Parsons,  and J. Gorman. These women have raised well over $200,000 over their tenure. Such dedication!

The gift shop re-opened in April to staff and patients. The soft opening produced excellent results and we are now moving forward in obtaining funds that will be accumulated once again for capital equipment. It is hoped that this fall we will be able to host different events and our commitment to the Hospital can be fulfilled.

Gift Shop


Our Association meets once a month – on the third Monday. The meetings usually consist of a guest speaker, and a general meeting in which relevant events are organized, information is shared, and friendships are made. Our fee for joining is just $5.00 and people are invited to come to any meeting and become a member.

We have an executive which consists of about ten people. There are specific duties for each executive member and at the Annual General dinner meeting, these individuals make a report on her activities and accomplishments during the past year.


The Auxiliary is pleased to be able to offer bursaries of $1000 to any E.L.S.S. or V.F.J student who wishes to enter the medical field in his/her post-secondary education. Each year two students are selected, one from each high school, from a list of potential candidates. An essay is required that states the reason why they should be selected including their future medical plans. Once a student has been selected, our 2nd vice president attends a ceremony when these bursaries are presented to each successful person.

Current Executive

For the 2021-2022 year, the Executive members are:

  • Lee Buck, President
    Phone: (705) 261-0740
  • P. Ferrell, First Vice President
  • C. Rott, Second Vice President
  • G. Robinson, Past President.
  • F. Steel, Treasurer
  • S. Holmes, Secretary
  • D. Blahey, Gift Shop
  • N. Wissmath, Events
  • L. Poynter, Goodwill
  • G. Robinson, Historian (temporary)
  • J. Morissette, Membership
  • B. Cloughley, Publicity
Gift Shop