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Visiting Hours

  • General Inpatients Two visitors between 1100 – 1300 hours and 1700 – 1900 hours only.
  • Obstetrics Two visitors any time of day or night. Siblings may visit mother/newborn between 1100 – 1300 hours and 1700 – 1900 hours only.
  • Paediatrics (under 16) Two visitors any time of day or night. For infants and small children we strongly encourage that one parent sleep at the Hospital with their child.
  • Intensive Care Visiting is restricted to immediate family, one (1) person at a time, no more than five (5) minutes in any hour. Visitors are to ring the bell outside the ICU doors and staff will respond through the speaker.
  • Palliative Care Unrestricted.
  • Emergency Care No visitors unless required for the safety of the patient, i.e., child or confused elderly person.
  • Outpatients Services One accompaniment.

Exceptions to this policy may be arranged at the discretion of the Unit Manager or delegate, as well as in the event of emergencies, pandemic outbreaks and any other warranted circumstances.

It is the responsibility of all employees dealing with patients (outpatients, inpatients, emergency patients) to instruct their patients and visitors regarding the visitor policy. Any unusual circumstances should be brought to the attention of the Manager/Charge Person.

St. Joseph's Manor

St. Joseph’s Manor

St. Joseph’s Manor welcomes and encourages visits from the family and friends of our residents. Community visitors are welcome at any time, and we have both private and ‘quiet’ spaces to make such visits more enjoyable. Other areas where residents and their visitors may wish to enjoy time include: the first-floor courtyard, the first-floor chapel, the second-floor covered patio, and the front patio and gazebo (located outside the main entrance).

Under normal circumstances, there are no set visiting hours at St. Joseph’s Manor and we encourage families and friends to visit at times that are suitable to the resident. If the home is placed in a disease outbreak status, visitors will be limited to Essential Care Partners, for the duration of the outbreak.

We offer a secured entry to protect the vulnerable residents that call St. Joseph’s Manor home. Visitors are required to use our intercom system to alert staff of their presence. Once alerted, a staff member will screen you and other visitors prior to entry.