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Health Information System (HIS)

  • The vision of the ONE Initiative is one electronic Health Information System (HIS) across northeastern Ontario.
  • The first phase, referred to as WAVE 1, will connect three hospitals: West Parry Sound Health Centre, Sault Area Hospital, and North Bay Regional Health Centre.
  • St. Joseph's General Hospital Elliot Lake is among the remaining 20 hospitals included in WAVE 2, which will follow.
  • Go-Live: June 4, 2024.
  • List of the 23 hospitals participating

Anja Martin's Exemplary Leadership: Transforming Healthcare

A closer look at Anja's journey and the dedicated team behind the scenes of the MEDITECH Expanse ONE Health Information System

In the realm of healthcare innovation, leaders like Anja Martin stand out for their dedication, vision, and commitment to improving patient care through cutting-edge systems. Anja, who assumed the MEDITECH OEP Lead and MEDITECH Expanse Clinical/ Site Lead role in September 2022 for the MEDITECH Expanse project, has been instrumental in driving the adoption of this transformative clinical system across the region.

Team Collaboration

Anja leads a diverse and talented team, each member contributing their expertise to different facets of the Expanse project. Notable team members include:

Leslie Chambers for Ambulatory/Outpatient/Surgical,

Shawn Beaulieu - Surgical,

Janice Coulis, Navjeet Rehal, and Danika Crabs - Laboratory,

Mona Viel and Sharron Trudel – Patient Access (Registration),

Crystal Horrigan and Karla Mills - Pharmacy,

Brenda Dickson – Health Information,

Nancy Roy and Maggie Finamore – Imaging/Diagnostics,

David Vezina – Materials Management,

Janis Wilson and Angelika Baker – Payroll,

Amanda Garreau, Vlad Demianenko, Natalie Gibouleau – Business,

Josh Gagnier – Technical, and

Dr. Culic – Chief Medical Information Officer.

The Journey to Leadership

Anja's journey to becoming the lead for the MEDITECH Expanse project is marked by her involvement in the system build several years ago. Previously a clinical team member for the emergency department and inpatients, Anja's deep understanding of the project's clinical aspects made her transition to a leadership role a natural progression. Her passion for the project stems from the realization that MEDITECH Expanse is not just a technological upgrade; it is a clinical system designed to enhance patient care.

Challenges and Triumphs

Coordinating the diverse needs and resources of the local team with regional requirements and timelines has been the most challenging aspect of the process. The workload often becomes overwhelming for team members, who must balance project responsibilities with their regular duties. Despite these challenges, Anja notes that the least difficult part has been working with the dedicated team. Every team member is invested in making MEDITECH Expanse the best it can be for all staff, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Clinical and Patient-Centric Goals

Anja envisions MEDITECH Expanse as a tool that empowers clinical staff to achieve consistent best practices, ultimately improving efficiency and safety in their routines. On the patient side, the goal is ambitious yet crucial: creating a single patient record accessible to providers across 23 participating hospitals. This ambitious goal aims to reduce duplicate tests and eliminate the need for patients to repeatedly share their medical histories with care providers.

Insights and Learnings

The most interesting revelation for Anja throughout the project has been the realization that all hospitals in the region, regardless of size and employee count, share common goals, challenges, and achievements. This understanding has fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among the healthcare community.

Embracing Technological Advancements

For Anja, the benefits of adopting MEDITECH Expanse now are rooted in the advancements in technology. Leveraging these advancements not only benefits the current healthcare landscape but also ensures that each subsequent upgrade enhances the system's capabilities, keeping it at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Guiding Words for Newcomers

Anja's advice for those new to MEDITECH Expanse echoes a positive and supportive mindset. While acknowledging that changes to daily processes can be challenging, Anja encourages a proactive approach. With the right support and a positive outlook, the MEDITECH Expanse system proves to be efficient and beneficial for everyone involved.

In conclusion, Anja's leadership, coupled with the dedication of her diverse team, is propelling the MEDITECH Expanse project towards its goal of revolutionizing healthcare delivery. The strides made under her guidance underscore the potential of technology to transform patient care and streamline clinical workflows across the region.


Helpful information for patients and families

Our current health information systems do not support the future of digital health. A shared electronic health information system will make patient care safer, better, and smarter.

The transformation will benefit our patients in many important ways, including:

  • Helping prevent medication errors.
  • Providing care teams with complete and timely access to a patient's journey.
  • Helping patients tell their story / history.
  • Eliminating difficult to read handwritten notes.
  • Keeping a patient's medical record in one single, secure, and accessible place.

We apologize for delays that may occur during the implementation. A new system is being introduced that will improve your care experience. While your care team becomes more familiar with our new technology, some processes may take longer than usual.

During this transition, we are adding additional staff to provide you and all of our patients with the best care possible. Your safety will not be impacted. Our focus remains providing the best care possible to our patients and their families. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition.

At the present time, the system does not include a patient portal for you to view your health information. However, the new system is the foundation for the patient portal that will be launched in the future.

Yes, St. Joseph's General Hospital Elliot Lake is committed to keeping your health information confidential and secure. Access to your health information is limited to authorized people in your Circle of Care, a term used to describe the healthcare providers treating you who need information to provide that care. Protecting your health information is not just the right thing to do, it is the law.

Ontario’s healthcare privacy law (Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004), as well as other applicable laws, and security and privacy policies and procedures, mandate that (Hospital) is responsible for ensuring personal health information is held securely and confidentially.

The new system provides safer, better, smarter care for patients. This transformation has been carefully planned and developed to meet the specific needs of this region. To learn more about how your care is being transformed click here.

Your patient care continues to be provided by your care team at the hospital.

The staff you will see at the hospital during the implementation, wearing ONE branded blue apparel, are providing support for people using the new system. Our staff and physicians have received training: this additional support is to help them become accustomed to the new system.

For more information about the ONE Project, visit